1 Year Old Grocery Price Comparison Website, Revenue 6000$ +


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1 Years Old Saas Platform, Its Compare Grocery Prices IN Uk. People Can Come Here
Compare Prices and make Purchase. Our 98% Traffic Is From Search.

We are Beating Some Biggest Player. And We are Ranking On 1000+ Keywords on First

How does your business make money?

User Use Our Website For Compare Grocery Prices. And Do Purchase Online We Use Our
Affiliate Links. and we earn commission. We have 100% Buyers traffic

Do I need to maintain Website

You Need only 1 to 2 Hour Daily For Check the Reports and analytics etc. for sure
you can add more content or comparison etc.

‘Also’ Website Is works On Autopilot Mode Website. For Updating Prices, Price News
and Price alerts etc.

Why are you selling this business?

I want Good Money, For Buying New Cars, Cambers Etc. This Why,
also Vigilinks No More Work In Pakistan, also Its hard To Receive Funds in Pakistan. Banks Hold Funds, some Time, Reject and Bounce Funds back etc. So i want to sell and start some new sites


Who would this business be perfect for?

Any US and UK Residence, Who want Automate earning Source, or wanna Do Some thing
Online. best investment, ready to start just add your affiliate links and your
earnings starts simple

Growth Opportunities

Add Barcode Scanner For Price Comparison
Make Custom Technology
Make A app



Website Database.
Hosting Accounts.
All Plugins and software.
35k Mail List.
3 Months My Support

Post Sale Support


1 Year Old Grocery Price Comparison Website, Revenue 6000$ +
1 Year Old Grocery Price Comparison Website, Revenue 6000$ +


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